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COVID19 and what we're currently doing...


From 19th April 2022 as per the change in Government Guidelines, across the whole of the UK, Laughter Tots will be returning to pre covid classes. This means no social distancing or face masks will be required and shared equipment and resources (including Messy Play and paint brushes) will be used as standard. Please be aware however that as always during the Pandemic this may change if restrictions are brought back and if so we will revert back to the covid secure procedures we have had in place since March 2020. We would request that you do not attend a Laughter Tots Class if you have tested positive for Covid19, until you have completed the recommended isolation period / tested negative, as per the guidelines on

For more information please see our updated Covid edition T&C's via the link below...


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, either with your individual Class Leader or Laughter Tots HQ via the "Contact" page on this website.

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