COVID19 and what we're doing to keep you safe

Messy, Craft and Sensory Play for babies in a COVID safe way...


We have made significant changes to the way we operate our classes to ensure you and your baby are safe. But one thing that hasn't changed is the FUN!!

Laughter Tots is delighted to be returning to running classes for our lovely Smiley Babies and we know you're all excited to be returning too. We understand also however that with everything happening you may have some additional questions regarding how we are going to ensure we keep you all safe, when attending our classes. So we thought we'd update you with the changes we have made...


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, either with your individual Class Leader or Laughter Tots HQ via the "Contact" page on this website.

Covid Safe Procedures in Place...
  • Certification - All of our Class Leaders have completed and passed the Children's Activities Association, online course, Infection Control for Children's Activity Providers, which also include specific modules on Covid19.

  • Venues - We only use venues which have Covid Safe procedures in place. This includes; adequate space for Social Distancing and 1 way systems in place, increased cleaning and Covid specific Risk Assessments in place.

  • Hand Sanitiser - Provided at both entry and exit points of building.

  • Smaller Class Sizes - Our Class Sizes are limited to ensure that Social Distancing can be adhered to.

  • No Shared Equipment - We will no longer use any shared equipment during our Classes. Attendees purchase their own "Fun to Explore" bag when booking onto a class. This bag contains individual Sensory and Craft equipment and is yours to keep, so they can be enjoyed both during the class as well as at home.

  • Individual Messy Play - Attendees also receive their very own Messy Play bowl on week one, which is yours to keep and we will provide individual portions of exciting Messy Play ingredients each week for little ones to safely explore.

  • Social Distance - Our classes will be following the required 2m Social Distancing guidelines, each Mum and Baby will remain together in their own funzone space, which will be at least 2m from the next funzone space.

  • Face Coverings - We will adhere to current guidelines in place at the time of our classes and this will be communicated within the welcome email prior to the start of term. This may change over time and we will continue to follow the guidance in place. All of our Class Leaders will be wearing a clear face visor, as well as maintaining the 2m Social Distance, as an additional level of protection for both themselves and attendees.

  • Additional Time Between Classes - We are leaving extra time between our classes to allow for additional cleaning as well as ensuring that Attendees can arrive and depart safely with no cross over in communal areas such as car parks etc.

  • Backup Zoom Plan - We are delighted to have been able to adapt our classes so that in the event that it is necessary, we can carry on all the Laughter Tots Fun online with fully interactive classes via Zoom... 

  • Updated Terms and Conditions - We have fully updated our Terms and Conditions to include a specific Covid19 section, including a Health Questionnaire, which we require all Attendees and Class Leaders to adhere to prior to arriving for classes each week.  (Click on the button below to read our updated Covid edition Terms and Conditions).