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Providing imaginatively themed, MESSY, CRAFT and SENSORY PLAY activities that help babies develop through fun....

​"Play is the highest form of research."Albert Einstein

Discover fun, laughter and the opportunity for children to embrace their imagination in every class.... 

Imaginative play is strongly linked to language, narrative language, abstract thought, problem solving, logical sequential thought, creation of stories, social competence with peers, understanding a social situation and integration of emotional, social and cognitive skills. It allows children to create a world where they can safely explore boundaries... In other words it’s important.


At Laughter Tots we believe it's never too early to start enjoying imaginative play with your little one. 

Laughter Tots Founders - Jayne & Heather

Jayne's Story - I'm a Mum to two gorgeous little boys,  as well as an honorary Aunty to many of my friend's children and I am a devotee of creating unique, fun experiences for their enjoyment. 

Whilst enjoying a career in luxury travel, my passion has always been in the creative arts. So establishing Laughter Tots with Heather has provided me with my dream business and job role. Whilst on maternity leave, I've also enjoyed taking my baby to Laughter Tots, where we have had lots of fun and made friends too - exactly what we set it up to do!  

Jayne x

Heather's Story - After working for a number of years in sales and account management I decided to retrain as an early years’ registered childminder following the birth of my first child. This was the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made, not only did it allow me to be at home with my own children but it also gave me the opportunity to be a part of other children’s development.  I became so passionate with this new role that Laughter Tots was the next exciting step. 

Working as a childminder convinced me that I wanted to continue in a career working with babies and children. It also made me aware of how important it is to not only make memories but have fun and enjoy social interaction. Which is why at Laughter Tots you always get something to take home, can partake in messy and sensory play and every grown up gets a drink and biscuits with time to chat! 

Heather x

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