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Baby Massage With Laughter Tots


Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, done properly it has some amazing benefits for you both.  In your Baby Massage with Laughter Tots class you can relax knowing it is expertly run by staff who have gained their accredited qualification with


Baby boosts the circulation of blood, delivering nutrients to help strengthen muscles and joints. Skin contact stimulates the nervous system helping develop connections in the brain. 


Baby massage releases “cuddle chemicals” which can help your baby relax. When babies relax, studies have shown that they can sleep better and have a greater appetite which can enhance general health and promotes weight gain. 

Baby massage offers a way to get to know your baby and to communicate how much he or she is loved and respected.  Early positive interaction and responsive care is vital for babies, helps them adjust to the world from the womb. Practising baby massage can help  both you and your baby relax and fall in love with each other: Love creates love.

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